You can reach me at 208.557.8603.

All states of mind are workable.

When you work with me you learn how to stay grounded while paying attention to what is needed at the moment. You learn to attend to your experience in a special way so that you can hold space, be present with, and tolerate what is challenging you. You can then be more flexible and effective in your response.

There is basic wisdom in everything that is experienced.

Here are some questions I might ask you during the course of the work we do:

  • As you tell me your story, what are you noticing in your body?
  • What is happening right now?
  • What does this feeling remind you of?
  • What are you experiencing right now?
  • What are you trying not to experience right now?
  • Can you be with or breathe into what is happening right now and stay with it?

Counseling and coaching are investments for the future. You do not need to be sick or broken to benefit.

Basically, my role is to serve as an “auxiliary brain” to help you track, explore, and integrate elements of your experience. My intention is to help you transform how you are in your world so that you can respond in a manner that upholds your values in the direction of your goals.